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Who we are

Thanks to our expertise and unparalleled attention to detail, at Cacao Travel Panama we design programs that fully meet the needs and interests of our visitors, whether it’s sustainable tourism, beach getaways, family trips or luxury travel.

Our group has over 30 years of experience in the travel industry, since its start in Venezuela and Colombia to present day in Panama. Our very dynamic and diverse team shares a passion for nature and ethnology and, of course, our amazing country.


Philippe Lesne – The Jungle Man

Philippe is a rainforest specialist with 30 years of experience in organizing and guiding jungle excursions. After running a small rainforest camp for 8 years in Venezuela, he moved to Panama in 2003.

Since then Philippe has taken travelers to the most remote corners of the country. When he is not in Panama, he occasionally guides excursions and expeditions in other countries of Central and South America. He is also a scuba diving instructor.

Ana Lesne – The Globe Trotter

Ana is originally from Guatemala but her desire to see the world brought her to Germany where she got her MBA in Tourism. Soon after her passion for traveling took her to Venezuela where she met Philippe in one of Bernd’s jungle lodges in the Venezuelan Amazon. They moved together to Panama a few months later.

Ana brings the same passion to each of the tours that we offer and develop for our travelers. She speaks four languages (Spanish, English, German, French) and is an experienced tour guide. Currently, she is heading our office in Panama City.

Bernd Kroening – The Builder of Adventures

Bernd was born and raised in Venezuela. In his early youth, he began to take an interest in travelling and by the time he was 15, he used every opportunity to explore Venezuela with interurban buses. Inspired by a book written by naturalist Brewer-Carias, Bernd organized his first expedition when he was only 17 years old.

After completing his studies in Germany he returned to Venezuela and founded Cacao Travel Group, now extended to Panama and Colombia. Bernd has built and owns several jungle lodges and boutique hotels in Venezuela. He is a true pioneer of nature tourism in Latin America and a specialist of the international tourism market.

Our Partners

Panama has the unique advantage of a strategic geographic position and proximity to other wonderful countries in this region of the world. If you are thinking of doing a combined package, where you get to visit more than one country and its attractions, check out the other places that Cacao Travel covers and contact us to make it happen!

Costa Rica

One of the leaders of nature tourism in the world, with an amazing tourism infrastructure.


Discover the ancient country of the Maya.  A land of volcanos and friendly indigenous people.


The gateway to South America, Colombia is a concentrate of all the landscapes of the great Continent, from rainforest to glaciers.


Thanks to its relatively small size Ecuador allows the visitor to combine in a few days the discovery of the Andes, of the Amazon rainforest and a unique world marvel: the Galapagos.