Who we are

Cacao Travel Panama is a tour operator specialized in nature discovery, trips to indigenous communities and "soft adventure" in the Isthmus of Panama.

Thanks to our vast experience on these fields we are able to design "a la carte" and off the beaten path programs, giving our visitors the best technical information.

Our very dynamic and diverse team shares the same passion for nature, ethnology and of course the same love for our little Panama.

What we do

Field experience acquired through years of travelling and hiking in the most remote parts of the Isthmus together with a deep knowledge of the ecosystems are capital assets for our tours as Panama presents an exceptional and complex biodiversity that we are inviting to discover with us: from the Pacific to the Caribbean, from deep rainforests to coral reefs, from bird watching to whale watching!

We will also introduce the visitors to our indigenous friends, who will share with them a piece of their lives in their villages located in some of the most beautiful areas of the country, learn from their rich traditions and their amazing knowledge of their natural environment.

How we do it

Expertise is our trademark. Our guides are highly experienced and technically competent.

We design safe tours in harmony with what surround us, always trying to minimize the impact to indigenous communities and the environment.