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Cacao Travel Panama is a tour operator specialized in nature discovery, soft adventures and trips to indigenous communities. Our team of travel experts and experienced guides is constantly looking for the most original and genuine destinations to make your holiday in Panama truly unforgettable.
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Panama Highlights

Panama is more than its famous Canal, but there is no doubt that you should visit it when you come! This roundtrip will take you to discover the history behind Panama's two Old Quarters or first cities... More

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Short programs

Darien Expedition

An impressive journey under towering trees, through a remarkable ecosystem with an incredible biodiversity and rare animal species. Enjoy a true cultural interaction with an Embera community that will... More

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45 delighted Swiss discovered the traditions of an indigenous group 

We crossed the Alajuela Lake -an artifical lake that serves as a water reservoir for the Panama Canal- to banks of the Pequeñi River where the Emberá Purú village is settled... Blog

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Slide your mouse over the map to discover Panama's different destionations.